Our Mission

We source with love to offer quality food to our customers. 


Our Vision: 

To offer our customers a sustainable range of products. 


Our Story

Fruittybob is incorporated in 2019. The founders? We are Sisters!

We love to eat fruits and it is not just the two of us, our whole family are fruits obsess! The “last piece” courtesy is never a scene at home!

While we would love to have organic fruits on our table every meal, we cannot afford it on long term ($). We decided to search for alternatives so more people can enjoy natural fruits at a more affordable price! Off we go, packing our bags and passion in search of fresh fruits that are farmed with LOW or even NO pesticide.

2 Junkies

Contradictory to our health consciousness, we are also junk food (snacks) lovers! The thing is, we snack with guilt most of the time because we know most available snacks are either loaded with sugar/salt, preservative, additive and artificial flavouring. As we read the ingredients labels behind those packaging while shopping, we wish we have less of those chemical names on the print😏. It is always a struggle – to buy or not to buy.


During our recce trips to the fruit farms, we are blessed with great opportunities to explore the snacks we love too. These includes dried fruits, nougats, the trendy nougat crackers. The best part is, most of them are with NO sugar, preservative or additive. We want to stay young but not “preserved”.

Same KIND?

The more we explore, the more excited we are because we realised we have embarked on this journey in search of REAL quality food. We found collaboration farmers and manufacturers who are as picky as we are (same species!).

So here it is, we hope you find our products awesome and enjoy as heartily as we do! Please remember to share and like us on our social media too! Good things are meant to share!

Yours Sincerely,

Fruittybob — we source with love💕




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