A bag of passion!

If you had read “About Us” page, you may have wondered where did we go for our recce trip? We were excited and full of passion, chasing what we believe >>> Fruitty fruits, here we come!!

Our first stop is Taiwan! Why Taiwan? Because we love Taiwan and their fruits of course! Whenever we visit Taiwan, we will wonder why their local fruits are so tasty and they all look kind of “different” from those we see in Singapore. The fruits look so much bigger, brighter, sweeter, greener…. For those of you who loves Taiwan fruits, you know exactly what we are talking about!

*Disclaimer: we are not saying fruits we see in Singapore are terrible, but it can definitely be better! 😛

Thanks to our good friend in Taiwan, we are lucky enough to meet up with their local agriculture association to understand more about the local agriculture technology research development, farming control and management in Taiwan as a whole.

After much understanding of Taiwan’s stringent requirement on pesticide control, we are more certain that our recce is going to be a FRUITFUL one! True enough, we irresistibly brought back 107kg of fruits, snacks and vegetables!

Want know more??!! Read our next blog 😊



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